Distance (remote) clinic
Most of my clients prefer distance sessions – they are more convenient, flexible & time saving option!
I love, love, love doing distance sessions! Don’t get me wrong I love seeing my clients face-to-face and getting a physical hug at the end of a session, but having distance sessions are far more convenient to fit in with peoples busy lives!

I always offered distance sessions to clients but no one “got it” till they started having them. One winter it snowed really badly here in the UK (nothing works when it snows here!) and the clinic I worked out of had shut unexpectedly – so I had no choice for my clients other than distance sessions for a couple of weeks. Most of them agreed to try it because they didn’t want to miss out on their session, plus they didn’t want to go out in the snow and cold!! So I had a couple of weeks of just doing distance sessions… and then the feedback started coming in… A number of them commented this was far more convenient as it was one less thing to schedule into their busy diaries. People loved their sessions, no one wants to miss them but life gets in the way sometimes. This allows my busy clients to keep health at the top of their agenda without compromising it for other emergencies and priorities.

And the other main comment from people was that the distance sessions felt more powerful!

WOW it had never occurred to me that the dynamic may be different. I assumed it was a coincidence that these sessions were just the ones that brought more changes, and it was due to the sessions before building to this moment.

I get a lot of comments about the fact that distance sessions are like me having a deep conversation with your soul, people find it uncanny what comes up exactly matches things going on in their life.

When I do distance sessions I record the session live (mp3) as I do it. I say everything I am seeing and feeling as I go through listening to your body mind guide me to what needs to be seen as the session is uncovered. So you hear the session live – warts and all (I yawn a lot!!!)

The science bit…

Renowned Physicist, Dr William A Tiller did a number of experiments to see if intent could alter something physical. He recorded the room, ie the intent of meditators, to raise the PH of water by 1 (enough to kill a living thing, so this is a lot! It won’t happen by accident in nature.) and he sent to recording 2000 miles and “played it” to a glass of water. They did on numerous occasions’ and proved playing the recording to the water changing by a ph of 1!

Conclusion – When we are practised in focusing our intent and focus we can change things at a distance. After years and thousands of sessions, with the help of my intuition to seek out “the target” it is possible to make changes.

When I do the session I can just let my intuition flow with it. The sessions seem to go deeper because I can work in a relaxed way purely led by my intuition.

Now I have done 1000’s of them, I have so much experience of feeding back what is coming up and explaining the sessions I only get a couple of queries or questions from clients each month. And I learn from this feedback and get better and better at refining the process to ensure every client has a great experience and feels touched by the session in some way.


“I was slightly sceptical at first with regard to what would shift and how Eloise would know what was going on for me. This concern was dispelled after my first session with Eloise. I can actually feel things shifting physically in my body during a session, even when it is a distant session. Every time I have a session with Eloise, I am surprised once again with just how accurate and relevant the themes she picks up are to what is going on in my life at the time. Eloise always manages to access those things which once I hear them, I know they were always there but I had never given conscious awareness to before, something which already starts the shifting take place. ”
Sarah P, 2017

Now, I used to book a time and a date to do distance sessions, but after years of doing this and trying to get the process of sessions as wonderful as I can for my clients, I have actually stopped giving them the time I will do the session on the booked day! Let me explain why…

For the majority of sessions, the client’s body actually asks for the session to be run at a different time anyway! So I end up running them while they are asleep which is the best time for regeneration of the body. Or at 9am because they have a lot of worry connected with this so the body needs the energy strong in the spleen meridian to shift it (yep there is a time for everything!! See the Chinese Clock/Meridian Cycle). The body knows and will dictate the best time for you to get the most from the session – and this is often not when we book it! The body-mind is far wiser than us.

Plus clients still had to schedule time into their day for the session, so they would lie there relaxing to receive the session and then when they listened to it I was running it later anyway! Well it is always good to relax so it wasn’t all bad!?

Additionally I used to call them to speak to them – and of course clients would get busy, they would miss my call, be on the phone to someone else, and then the kids would start crying and they would be sorting them out… so I had to schedule gaps between clients to ensure I had time to deal with delays… which then limited the number of people I could support and help.

I also used to phone them to feedback the sessions and send them the audio. I learnt quickly that the ones who listened to the recordings shifted more! And if I rang them to tell them the summary some of them were not making time to listen to the audio! The recording holds the essence and energy of the session, and missing out on listening to it is a huge loss.

After years of working this way, receiving distance sessions myself, and all the feedback from clients, it became apparent that most of the “magic” happened when you listened to the session… so the key thing was my clients listened to the recording somewhere quiet, with no interruptions, and in a relaxed state.

“Thanks for the session, it was really liberating to be able to do something like this without leaving home”

Let’s fast forward to now… how I work: 

I email or text my clients to remind them a day or two before the session, asking how they are. I like everyone to email me with an update: what is going on in their lives, what has changed, what is the same, what they want to focus on (of course your body and mind may know better!)…

I sit down and do the session when my intuition tells me to on the planned day (still following it’s guidance on when is the best time to set the session up to run), I record the session live and send the audio over to download.

So you, can find time to relax and listen to it at your convenience! A little bit of peace and quiet in the day…

  • Some clients rush home and make some herbal tea and relax on the sofa listening to it.
  • Some lie down in bed at night and put their headphones on… apparently I put people to sleep (!) 😀
  • Some wait till the morning and listen with their morning coffee!

That is the beauty of it – it is up to you when you listen. Whenever fits into your life and schedule.

And another bonus of distance sessions – you can listen to it as many times as you like! So clients who listen to the session multiple times integrates the shifts at a deeper level! Your understanding of the session, the ah-ha’s you gain and the integration of listening to it again is something you miss out on when you see me in person.

Additionally, if you fall asleep (which people often do when they are shifting – the conscious mind needs to switch off to allow the subconscious to process uninterrupted) whilst listening to the session you can replay it and not miss anything!

Replaying it also helps support the body-mind to integrate and continue running any formulas which I may have set up to run for weeks, if not months, after the session. (It’s like taken pills – taking one isn’t enough you need to take them daily to see benefits)

So all in all over the years as I have gained more and more distance clients I realise there was a huge need out there for distance sessions. Eventually, I realised I was doing a disservice to people by not explaining the benefits of distance sessions to them!

Reasons people book distance sessions:

  • Convenience – we all have a busy life!
  • Unable to travel to see me – high travel costs, distance, or time constraints
  • Sessions for children – often some feel safer at home, so less stress to the child (especially good for autistic kids!)
  • Illness – some people are too sick to travel, or are in hospital receiving treatment, or at home recovering from an operation
  • Emergency sessions – sudden illness or accidents
  • While travelling or on holiday – maybe an expedition to the North Pole!?

It isn’t just busy people in the UK who book, client can be anywhere in the world! I have worked with people from Italy, France, Switzerland, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany… the list keeps growing.

Want to book a session?

Either send payment using buttons below (end of page) and I will be in touch re next steps. Please feel free to email me and I can answer any questions you may have and book you in. I generally do distance sessions on Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Find out more about how sessions for children work here.

Find out my availability here. I try and update it each week.

Watch a demo of a distance session here to give you an idea of how I work… you can also benefit if any of the links are relevant for you! Sit back and relax…
“My daughter had had itch and tummy ache for around 3 years. She had been seeing several other holistic therapists for years, all of which did help somewhat,  but we never seemed to be able to really eliminate the root cause. 
After only 3 sessions [distance] with Eloise there’s been a massive improvement, and I would say she’s ‘cured’. She does have a slight tummy pain still before going to the toilet, I am confident they will be totally gone in a couple of weeks time.
She used to react very badly to sugar – instantly, but she is fine with it now so far. Also so happy to see my daughter’s core personality again, which had been hidden for a long time behind hesitation, caution and anxiety. So relieved to see my daughter’s zest, strength and enthusiasm again!
The sessions might seem a little costly, but seeing the results with just three sessions they are super cost effective. I wished I had found Eloise sooner – it would have saved my daughter a lot of aggravation and me a lot of money!”