Children can benefit in so many ways from distance (remote) sessions:

  • They don’t have to be dragged to see me!
  • They can receive their sessions while they sleep, so less impact if they are sensitive.
  • For autistic children is it so less stressful!
  • Preparing for exam time, or a performance – great to have a session to help support them without more stress.
  • For supporting operations, injections, dental work… anything which might stress them out.

Young children are so more open to sessions, they don’t always last as long. We can get straight into it and get things moving quite quickly. They also don’t need sessions as often as adults!

I always prefer to be working on one of the parents alongside the child. It often happens that this can speed up the shifts needed! Sometimes children like to “heal” their parents, or guardians, so it can be that the adults need the work to free up the little ones! Every case is different though. If I need to do sessions on someone else in the family it will normally be highlighted.

Some children like to listen to the sessions, and some get freaked out by the things that come up! So I record the session for you to listen to it. If you want me to record the session directed to the child I am more than happy to… but this does mean I explain things in a simple way and you won’t get all the details! For instance, one boy was really upset hearing about the microbiome (all the bacteria & fungus etc in the body) it really upset him.

It can be easier for me to record the session directed to whoever booked it. You can then explain to your child in language they can understand what came up, if you like. You get to hear & understand it all.

Although it is nice for them to hear the session, because they are so sensitive I have found it isn’t always necessary for the session to work. So you can play it in the room on low volume while they play if you like… they don’t have to hear it at a volume they can listen at!

While the child is under 18 normally parents decide for them if they want to do sessions for them… I still think it is nice to ask them, and talk it through. I have ways of asking permission too; so I can always check if it is the thing the child is happy to do on a deeper level.

Once they are 18 parents can continue to pay for the sessions, but the audio will be sent straight to your child. Also once they hit 18 they are adults & pay the adult rate.

To book in a child please email me to request my special consent form for the guardian to fill in.

Child sessions have a £21 discount – so £90 per session.