Online Courses & Sessions with Eloise

Most recent:

New Year, New You 2023

Kicking 2023 off with some sessions… supporting you to have an awesome year!

Happy Families

Family dramas, ancestral influences…  clearing family energies influencing you!

Happy Body Programme

An 8 week journey to create a new relationship with your body!

Most popular:

These series & courses are my students favourites!

Freedom Hub Membership

Monthly group sessions and more… Supporting well-being and bringing a sprinkle of magic to your life!

Magic Of You

A week of magic! Accessing the magic of you… 7 sessions to access the magical energy of life

Dream Life

Making your dreams your reality… Create your dream life and clear the blocks to receive it!

30 Days to Abundance

Opening your Heart to more Abundance and Creativity! A 30 day programme of coaching and sessions

Breaking Up With Yourself

Spend a month focused on letting go of the patterns no longer serving you. Welcome a new you!


Open to the healing power of intuition… get the spark back in life! 8 weeks of sessions and coaching


Free Sessions

Experience some group sessions with me… covering digestive health, the nervous system and protection.

Earth Sessions

Sessions to contribute to the Earth and to your body! Done monthly – when the energy is there

Stepping into Love 2021

My annual series to connect you with your heart and be more of you! It started 14th February!