Compassion Key

With Master Practitioner Eloise Ansell

Sometimes with all the tools in my belt I use in sessions I have struggled to shift an area of life for a client… so I am always looking out for what “pings me” in terms of additions to clinic.

In 2022 I was very aware I wasn’t really clearing Karmic issues much… they were not really coming up to clear, even though I knew there was an issue there. I just didn’t have enough awareness in that space.

The Compassion Key caught my attention, and when I looked into it as a system I realised it was all about clearing trauma & Karmic patterns! Sounded a perfect addition to my tool-kit!


The Compassion Key is a simple yet powerful system for healing the inner child and clearing karmic imprints and distortions.

People who work with The Compassion Key often report miracles in their financial life, relationships and health (*although no guarantees obviously!), as well as greater purpose alignment and feelings of lightness, relief and coming home to their true selves.

The technique centres around specific applications of self-directed compassion, the key to healing and integrating wounded aspects of ourselves and clearing the karma blocking our soul’s pure light from shining through into form in every part of our life.



I found the Compassion Key in early 2022 and did some initial training.

In September 2022 I qualified as a Level 1 practitioner.

And a year later in May 2023 I qualified as a Master Compassion Key facilitator – expanding my tool-kit even further.

In November 2023 I completed my Circle leader training.

“I went into the Compassion Key sessions not knowing what to expect, but with an open heart. What has come up has surprised me and it genuinely feels like wisdom is coming from somewhere deep within me.

I wouldn’t be able to predict where we go in advance or know what happens next. It took me a few sessions to get into the swing of it, so one thing I would recommend for others is to do a few sessions as I found it easier to “get into it” over time. One of the things I have to say with Eloise is that it’s okay to be honest, it’s okay to say things you haven’t said to anyone before, it’s okay to say you didn’t feel a shift.

In terms of outcomes, I feel like big changes are happening but they will become more visible to me when I come to the end of the year. I feel like the changes are going to be huge.”

Aashna, 2023

“My first Compassion Key session left me reeling, leaving me unsure as to whether I could cope with my commitment to the rest of the programme. However, after that initial shift the following sessions have brought about a quiet revolution in the way I view life today and my role in it. With Eloise’s intuitive guidance, there’s nowhere one can’t go to explore and expand. I’m finding it a remarkable process.”

D, 2023

Compassion Key

The Compassion Key can help with:

Clearing childhood trauma

Clearing your Karma

Clearing ancesteral Karma

Support you to reach your full potential

And much more…

Want to book a Compassion Key session?

Please book using the link below

(or if you are in the UK you can send pennies via bank transfer if you prefer – email me for info).

I will be in touch to ask you to complete a questionnaire before the session & confirm a date.

Sessions will be on Zoom or phone/WhatsApp. And any follow up work will be done via email.

The session will last 45-60 mins.

Find out more here:


“I loved the way Eloise facilitated a session for me. Her energy and presence was so calm and attentive that I felt safe to be able to get to deep rooted issue. I enjoyed the clarity and shift I received through her intuitive guidance. Thank You”

Ritu from USA, 2023

“Eloise’s Compassion Key sessions are gentle, yet powerful.  Whatever is on my mind when we connect on Zoom I come away feeling better.  I’ve had some quite startling ‘Ah ha’ moments as we dive into a topic and the soothing… <Compassion Key words> stir the pot and thoughts bubble to the surface.  The process of sending compassion to our bodies and our higher selves feels healing and supportive, as themes, memories, present moments, past moments, behaviours and habits are addressed in the sessions. 
It’s difficult to quantify exactly what changes occur in the sessions, but suffice it to say that in the last 6 months or so I have had some significant shifts to do with people pleasing, letting go of what no longer serves me and turning round a life-long sense of commitment which has made it hard to make changes to who was in my life, friends, therapists, relationships. 
Eloise’s special, unique blend of experience, knowledge and intuition ensure the sessions are fun, deep and transformative.  I very much enjoy working with her in this way.”
Gill, 2023

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