Pick My Brain!

With Eloise Ansell

I often get asked a lot of questions!

People often come to me for advice, guidance, wisdom, coaching… I am always happy to answer questions, but sometimes people need more than a quick answer.

So, I am now offering for people to book me to pick my brain!

You can book a 30 min, or 60 min call to ask me anything! I can offer advice, coach you through something, or support you through some difficulty.

For example, maybe you are setting up a new business, or a clinic as a therapist and want to get some guidance as to how to get started!?

Maybe you are a therapist and you are having issues with boundaries with a client & you want some support!?

Whatever the situation, if you think I can help you. Then drop me an email with an outline of the thing you want to look at, and I can send you the details to book & pay for some time with me – if I think I can help!

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