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Healing through Intuition

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Free sessions available – see if you want to work with me further!

Group Sessions

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Distance Sessions

I offer distance (remote) sessions for people around the World

Group Sessions

Group Sessions are super to supplement whatever healing you already receive


Want to upgrade your intuition and make it your best friend?

Access Bars

Access Consciousness Bars Classes & Sessions available in Hove, Sussex

How to book a distance session?

Booking a distance (remote) session is simple!

Please go to the Distance page & read about how I do them… at the bottom of the page is a PayPal button to pay for the session.  As soon as I see your payment I will be in touch to confirm a date for the session & ask you to complete a couple of online forms.

Who can benefit from a session?


I always need permission from the person that they want a session – unless it is your child under 18 years old, then the parents need to give permission. I have also done many sessions on businesses, charities, groups, organisations… any group, or entity can have a session.

Benefits of a distance session?

There are many benefits of booking a distance session!

They are a convenient option for everyone…

Easy to book

All you need to do is read through the distance session page. At the bottom of the page are some PayPal buttons you can use to purchase a single session, or a block booking. Once I see your payment come through I will be in touch with a date for the session & ask you to complete some online forms – giving me background information on what is happening for you & what you want to focus on.

Before your session

If it is your first session (or the first one in a while) I will ask you to complete some online forms for more detail. If it is a follow up session I will email you a few days before the session to ask for an update & check in. You can either email me with your update, or if you like more structure you can complete an online form.

Receiving your session

I will give you a date when I will complete your session. As soon as it is done I will send you a link (via email) to download the session. Most sessions will run when you listen to it (otherwise I will tell you in the email). So, whenever is convenient for you… you can sit or lie down, close your eyes & just receive the session. Doesn’t matter when or where you are… but somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed is good. You may fall asleep during, or after the session. Most session audios are between 15-30 mins in length.

After the session

Every session & every client is different, so there is no way of knowing how you will feel after a session! However, most people feel more relaxed, happy & connected to themselves. You may fall asleep listening so you may prefer to listen before, or in, bed. Most people find it useful to listen to the session more than once. And I will tell you if this would be a contribution to you after the session is done.

It is always a good idea to listen to your body after a session. Rest if needed. Drink plenty of water. And see if your body craves anything specific… which can be part of the healing process.

Will I need a follow up?

Most bodies would love more than one session! I always say have a minimum of 3 to start with. This is enough to give your body a little tidy up and allow it to process a few things. Having one session can sometimes do a lot… but you may need more than one session to fully integrate the changes. Sometimes we need more than one session to “stick” a shift, plus clear out some of the underlying causes which are not always obvious.

At the end of each session I will ask your body if it would benefit from another session, and if it has a preference on when. It can also highlight if another modality, or practitioner would be of help.

Sessions normally have a 4 to 8 week gap. You will need time to process in between. Having a monthly session is the best way to support your body, mind & soul in it’s journey.

About Eloise

Hey, I am Eloise. I live in Brighton & Hove (South of London for those overseas!) in the UK. I love cats, stationary & anything to do with being organised!

I have been in clinic since 2008 supporting people all over the world.

I have also been teaching since 2010 & I am enjoying teaching online to support people journey in life by utilising their intuition into their everyday life.

I love my one-on-one sessions with clients. It is such an honour to be there for people!

I am totally in love with the Freedom Hub Group Sessions though. They really are a wonderful addition to anything else you are doing or receiving.

Coming together as a group really supports every member of the Hub to step into a new way of living. In their body, their life & the choices they make. When we clear our clutter (mind, body & soul layers) we are freed up to move with more ease in life… both physically & mentally. We improve our relationships & have more ease in so many ways.


“I am amazed how effective and strong it has been even thought the sessions are very short the results go deep into the body. I feel the energy already before starting, and my body answers immediately to the energies. Really fantastic.   I can only recommend following her sessions.”

Sanne Larsen, Ebeltoft, Denmark May 2021

“The Freedom Hub sessions have definitely had a restorative and calming effect on me in these difficult and extraordinary circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Mirna, UK, 2020

“I cannot praise Eloise enough for her beautiful and transformational sessions.  Listening to her recordings is incredibly soothing and reassuring, her sessions are insightful and powerful and I always feel like she’s brought magic and love into new spaces of my life.  I’m so grateful to have this wonderful healer as both a practitioner and guide on this wonderful journey of healing and growth.”

Candice Jules, UK, 2019