“I have learnt to trust more fully that our bodies are designed in our best interests and with expert guidance and understanding from Eloise I have come to do a deeper appreciation of this and I am so grateful for the work she has done with me to date.”

Kat,  London – December 2016

I have been in full time clinic since 2008 and I have clients all over the world from Germany to Morocco. I offer sessions one-to-one as well as group sessions. Find out more below…

Face-to-face sessions

I offer limited in person sessions in Hove, Sussex. Sessions are booked for 40 mins.

Remote sessions

Most of my clinic is distance sessions for those unable to come and see me in person. These are super convienient.

Group sessions

In addition to individual sessions many people join in with my group sessions as an additional resource. These are open to anyone.

“I have been to a number of sessions with Eloise now and am convinced that this is the way forward for anyone interested in being proactive with their own health.

I can’t claim any miracles in terms of pain relief or anything tangible like that, but having had a diagnosis of MS in 2013, can say that I feel amazingly well, I am convinced my distance eyesight has improved and I feel to have less really tired days, all of which has to be a plus.

As with all these things I have no proof it is the sessions and may be a combination of all the things I am doing in terms of keeping myself well, but just the mere experience of the sessions themselves are fascinating, and having learnt more about it I realise the possibilities are endless for everyone, no matter what their state of health.

The first session is a leap of faith, but so worth it, thanks Eloise x”

Gill, Shefford – May 2017

“I have been to see Eloise for a Session on two occasions now I didn’t really know what to expect, I wasn’t sceptical in fact I was quite open to what it could offer I just wasn’t sure how it worked on a more practical level.

As soon as I met Eloise I felt a warmth and empathy emanate from her and I knew there and then that I was in good hands. In both sessions things have come up that I was not expecting, but I always feel safe and I absolutely always feel better.

I still don’t fully understand how it works, but all I can say is that it certainly does. You may not experience a resolution to what is going on for you be it physical, emotional or both instantaneously (although that can and does happen too), but I guarantee you will feel the benefits however big or small at some stage after a session.

I recommend that you go and experience it for yourself you have nothing to loose and so much to gain from giving it a try.

Kat,  London – December 2016
“I had session with Eloise for 2 times, and it was amazing.
It was very nice and relaxing time, and also was very interesting to know what my body was talking with her. I had never imagined that the grief from my grandmother’s death was still clinging in my lungs, which happened more than 25 years ago.
The brain draining was so nice. I fell asleep right after finishing listening the audio (it was distance session), and slept very very deeply. From the next morning I was happy and every morning I feel like “Something good will happen today!”. I don’t know how to say, but it just made me happy, light and unburdened.
Now I obtained more time with my family, an extra time to have a cup of coffe and relax, which had been hard for me to do before the session.
I am looking forward to the next session!”
Fumi from Berkshire, December 2016

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“I cannot praise Eloise enough for her beautiful and transformational sessions. 

Listening to her recordings is incredibly soothing and reassuring, her sessions are insightful and powerful and I always feel like she’s brought magic and love into new spaces of my life. 

I’m so grateful to have this wonderful healer as both a practitioner and guide on this wonderful journey of healing and growth.”

Candice Jules