MindScape Class


If your interested in reaching your full potential and living an extraordinary life then MindScape might be for you…

MindScape is a wonderful method for tapping into faculties of the creative and intuitive mind not normally so accessible to our everyday life.

I teach ways of engaging intuition at will and enhancing creative and intuitive abilities. This offers great benefits and opens vast possibilities for every aspect of life or work. Moreover, the techniques are also powerful tools for personal development, and open interesting possibilities for therapists and other practitioners, such as distant sessions.

The class really deepens your connection with yourself, your abilities to “tap into” those around you. It grounds the intuition, giving it structure and helping you to trust and deepen your connection with it. I love teaching this class so much, it really is special.

“I found Mindscape to be great fun, but it’s not just a nice weekend. It’s provided me with a practical, useful tool that is always with me for getting guidance and a  different perspective in most situations, while also expanding my intuition, imagination and creativity. Having just completed the weekend course, I feel I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible from using Mindscape and I’m excited about finding that out.

Eloise is both an excellent teacher and a lovely person to spend the weekend with. She provides a nice balance of professionalism and clarity with warmth and fun. If you’re thinking about doing a course or session with her, I recommend going for it!”

Ray, Glastonbury - 2017

I teach MindScape over a weekend. The class includes a detailed manual and after class support. I was the UK’s first MindScape instructor, after years of running the class, and taking it multiple times with many different instructors… it was time to teach it.

MindScape makes for a fascinating weekend workshop, and many past participants attest to it as being one of the most interesting courses they have ever attended! It can be learned by anyone, at any age,  with no experience necessary for attending the course (I often have teenagers come along with their parents). The course is both instructional and experiential, I teach the techniques and then leading everyone through hands-on practice.

Sometimes I offer an evening presentation where you can come and learn more about MindScape.

At the end of the weekend you will have your very own MindScape workshop and be experienced and proficient to start using it in your everyday life.

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“MindScape is one of my favourite experiences ever! I love it!! When I went to the weekend I had no idea what to expect but within an hour my mind was buzzing with ways I could use and utilise this amazing tool. I now use it everyday both for work and pleasure. It is my favourite personal development tool and I use it to meditate, plan my world and build my business”

I signed up to Mindscape in February 2020 with an open mind and no expectations as to what I would gain from the course. Having completed the course over 2 days, to say my mind was blown is an understatement. I left the course with an energy that was infectious and wanted everyone to experience what I had experienced. I also took part in some sessions that Eloise did online during lockdown which reinforced what I had learned during the course but also made me commit to myself again.

As a tool, Mindscape has been fundamental to my journey of self-discovery. It has opened my mind to look within myself & has enabled me to make “brave” decisions and trust my gut. At times when I have needed clarity, I trust that Mindscape will point me in the right direction. Checking into Mindscape regularly has also shown me how I am evolving over time.
Mindscape is a phenomenal course and for me personally, it has been life-changing. I highly recommend it!!”

Nov 2021

“I was blown away with my …[class exercise]… results, almost perfect. I also feel a lot lighter, brighter and I am so excited about continuing my MS journey. Thank you Eloise, I am so grateful to have had this distant opportunity.”

Michelle, 2020 - MindScape Online

“MindScape, taught by Eloise Ansell over four days, may just change your life. The power was and always will be yours, learn how to access it with Eloise, then set yourself Free!.”

Tammy, 2020 - MindScape Online

“It is over 8 years since I first took Mindscape with Eloise but I did not invest the time in it back then. I recalled almost everything as she took us beautifully through the techniques and feel my workshop has just been waiting for me to need it and now is definitely the right time with global changes and personal challenges. Within a a couple of days I was called through a body talk session to use my workshop to invite in help for my dog. The result a chilled pooch and a happier owner? I did this class on Zoom, which gave a surprisingly lovely intimacy to the group, Eloise held a great space for us and her bubbly and deeply knowledgable teachings I Would highly recommend to anyone ?”

Dawn, 2020 - MindScape Online

“Taking MindScape with Eloise was something I had intended to do for years, and it was no let down! The content is fascinating and really mind-opening and has given me an extra layer to my intuition and a structure for me to more easily access it and get answers not just for my creativity – but for life itself. I would highly recommend it!”

Hannah (Author UK), 2020 - MindScape Online

“MindScape with Eloise was amazing. It totally exceeded my expectations. As the days went on I could feel it would be life changing for me. When the course was over I wanted to do it all over again, I loved it so much. Thanks so much Eloise for expanding my mind and intuition in so many ways.”

Eva, 2020 - MindScape Online

“I was so delighted to see Eloise was running MindScape online. I’ve wanted to take her class for so long but I was unable to travel. I really enjoyed the 4 days and learned so much. I expect great changes in all areas of my life now that I have MindScape.”

Mary L. (Dublin), 2020 - MindScape Online

“I loved the Mindscape weekend. I have always wanted a tool where I could utilise my intuition so I can make better decisions. I am really looking forward to incorporating it into my daily life and seeing where it leads me. Eloise was a great instructor and I would thoroughly recommend her class. She is very knowledgeable about the subject and is really enthusiastic in her teaching. Everyone should learn Mindscape – it has so many benefits!”
Jonathan, London 2016

‘I thoroughly enjoyed monitoring the Mindscape seminar with Eloise. I found her delivery both rejuvenating and inspiring and wish to recommend the course to everyone. With her ‘down to earth’ and friendly personality, Eloise created a relaxed and safe environment for participants to trust, enhance and share our intuitive abilities. Using her knowledge, expertise and passion for BodyTalk and Mindscape, Eloise made the whole process of building, equipping and using our workshop fun and enjoyable.”
Gareth, S. Wales

“Thanks Eloise for a fabulous weekend, your humour and lightness of being keeping it flowing and great stories…I thought I knew about the intuitive world but you’ve opened up a whole new potential around it for me….love it, it totally fascinates me…
I find discipline in regular practices really difficult but am managing to get in the swing of doing the Access and the mindscape…”
Catherine, Brighton 2016

 “I have just completed the mindscape course with Eloise. I found the weekend truly enlighting and revealing. It allowed me to explore the inner workings of my subconscious in a safe and supported way. I also learned methods to tap into the universal consciousness to help develop my creativity and intuition. Eloise was a great teacher, approachable, funny and kind. I would recommend anyone to do it and expand their potential.

Thanks again for the course I really enjoyed it.”

Gemma, Brighton

“I loved Mindscape and 6 month’s on I am still exploring new aspects of my workshop. The more I use it, the more potent it becomes!”
Patti Good, London

“I could run out of superlatives describing MindScape. In a nutshell: it taps in to something deep within us that we all have the potential to use, but are not necessarily aware of.
Over a weekend Eloise took us on an adventure. Handled with skill, care and wit, she allowed us to find out for ourselves what a powerful tool MindScape is. I cannot think of time better spent.”
DS, UK 2014

“When I heard that there was a Mindscape course taking place, I just knew I had to go.
Everything that the course teaches are things I have been interested in for years, and yet I didn’t believe there was a way for me to tap into .
However Eloise made Mindscape so assessable, and extremely interesting!
She was wonderful at introducing extremely fascinating and complex concepts to us, and was so supportive and encouraging when it was our turn to practice.
I have come away from that weekend feeling confident at having acquired this new life changing life skill for the rest of my life!.  Thank you Eloise for a incredible weekend!”
R Abrams, London 2012

“The mindscape course was a really profound experience for me. It rang true with lots of things I already new but also challenged me to look deeper into them.
I feel it’s a really useful and wide ranging skill and it really complements other practices and approaches. It’s made me feel excited about possibilities, more aware of where I am (and also where i’d like to be) and therefore happier.
Eloise is a really lovely and I felt in very good hands!”

“Welcome to the world of “MindScape” with Eloise. She makes learning fun with her clever, witty delivery of facts and her caring attitude to others. I really enjoyed my weekend workshop with her and have found that I can easily recall what was taught because of her easy, relaxed teaching methods.
She also provides good after care with useful links and plenty of advise. I can say this workshop has proved to be one of the best I have ever attended.”
Sally, Matlock 2014

“A couple of weeks ago I had been to the dentist and wasn’t feeling that great so I went in to mindscape and asked in the best person to come in and help me. Out the lift came my old dentist… There is a bit of an issue with my new dentist and my old one. My new one is very angry at my old one because of some work he did. Anyway I decided to ask in to the workshop my new dentist as well to see if we could work something out. As soon as he came in they started having a fight! A real hard punch up. I was a little shocked and unsure what to do but I decided to call a trues. They briefly stopped then started again. Anyway eventually I told them that this wasn’t helping that the past no longer mattered and I just wanted to get on with the matter in hand. They shook hands and then they both left in peace… I came out of mindscape and was blow away and also a bit unsure what would happen next. it wasn’t what i had expected would happen. Anyway I went to visit my new dentist this week and his attitude had completely changed. He didn’t make any further reference to the past and ask any more questions or get angry about what had happened in the past. He did however come up with an idea to get the work done in less time and fewer appointments than he previously thought he could ?
I am so glad I did the course and use it daily. During the course I found an ipod mini in my workshop. My boyfriend was adamant he wasn’t going to buy one for me but I didnt concern myself with how and when I would get one and just enjoyed it in the workshop. He did get me one for me for Christmas!!!!
I have also managed to find two important things I had lost as well as many other wonderful things too- absolutely loving it all :)”
Helen 2013