Timing of healing

I love my miracle clients who come in listing 5 problems and we fix 6 in one session! I wish every session was like that… but we are all different and I am always wondering why some people heal faster than others?

Over my nearly 10 years in clinic, I have noticed that not every session is the same. Sometimes even I shift fast with one session and then the next few are more subtle. But over the years my ability to respond to sessions gets quicker & quicker. Sometimes just asking to let go of something gives the space for it to shift. The more we shift the easier it is to let go!

In BodyTalk we always work from “priority” – every moment I am asking “what is the next priority?” in this way the body has a choice. It can either clear some little nagging issues that will make us feel “better” or dig deep into the pot and start to pick at a deep issue which will take time to clear – but once that block is gone we will be very different!

It is like weeding the garden. Sometimes you just do a quick job; picking out the surface layer of the weeds so it looks clear. You know it will probably grow back though next week/month!? And sometimes you dig the earth to get down into the roots and clear it once and for all!

But which are we ready for?

Some people come in to “fix” their symptoms and get frustrated after 2 or 3 sessions that they are not resolved. They are looking for the quick fix… which is healing is a miracle! Often when people come into clinic with this mindset, with a list of things to fix, well the body may have other priorities! Sometimes it will use this as an opportunity to clear something else up which is the thing causing it the headache… not you! You may not even be aware of what is going on under the surface which your body is desperate to work on.

Over the years I have seen people come in with a minor issue and get a diagnosis of cancer a few weeks later. Now we know why their body gave them the small issue to get them in maybe? I always remember a story John Veltheim (BodyTalk founder) gives… a man come in with a bad knee. John looks at him and immediately saw his heart was in trouble! He was likely to have a heart attack if he ran around… so the body gave him a bad knee to stop him!

The body is clever!

Healing is a journey. Often we can work on multiple layers at once. We can clear up some of the symptoms you are frustrated with whilst your body is busy going through it’s shopping list. But we will always follow the body-mind and what it wants to work on.

I often see people can clear massive issues (emotional trauma for instance) but only when they have the support around them to deal with it. Sometimes, we have to have a steady work life, home life, friends around, as well as committing to do the work and come for sessions regularly to really clear something. If the timing is off the body won’t go there.

Another thing I see a lot is people letting go of issues they don’t notice! I have always been interested in why people don’t notice the changes… which I see so clearly!

I gave a talk the other day and after the room tapped their cortices (video here) about 6 people looked 10 years younger! It was amazing to see. But they couldn’t see it! (In themselves, the rest of the room did!)

After sessions, people look taller, more youthful, most rested, & at peace… and don’t see it. We get rid of some of the things on their shopping list and they forget they were issues! After all, we often focus on what is wrong and don’t list what is now right.

Recently I have been reading some books on the Alexandra Technique by Donald Weed. In one chapter he is reflecting on one of the original books by FM Alexander: Alexander states that when people change they “see” the new way of being. For them to “see” the shift though they would have to be able to re-engage with the old way things were to compare the two!


So we can’t always acknowledge a change because to do so would take us backwards!

To compare how things were before, we would have to be able to be capable the two options. This means being able to experience the old way and the new way… so we would need to be able to go into the old way of being to see what has shifted!! This means we would be in two places at once. The old you & the new you… so the new you would not be able to stick!

So for real change to occur we have to not be able to see the shift, in order for the shift to occur. In other words for real change to occur, we can ONLY see the new us with no visibility of what has changed!

I had never thought about this before.

Overall if we commit to change & want to heal, then we have to accept things will take time. We won’t always see the change in the moment it occurs. We just have to trust the process.