Maybe you answered yes to that? Or maybe you know you are not coping deep down?
Our “coping strategies” for life keep us going. They are the stories we tell ourselves, the habit we have to get through life and “keep going” when things get tough. We cope!
We cope with the grief of a loved one.
We cope with failing an exam.
We cope when the date doesn’t go the way we want.
We cope with all the bad eating habits we have.
We just cope…
Until it gets too much, or the body mind says “enough” we have to deal with this.
You see we can only cope for so long. Cope with the deep pain we hold inside, which we don’t want to deal with and heal.
We build up layers of these coping strategies until one day we have so many we don’t know who we are!
One of the hardest times I had on my healing journey was when I lost a lot of coping mechanisms in a short space of time. Many fell away in a couple of weeks and suddenly I felt very vulnerable, very naked and it felt pretty scary. 
Don’t worry it isn’t going to happen to many people like that, but it is good to talk about it in case it does!?
I was having a lot of healing work in a short space of time and a chunk of my “ego” ie my coping strategies just fell… leaving me looking at me. Recognising and seeing a deeper part of me which had not seen the light for years. It was odd. Tough & odd.
I had to learn to be me again without all these false personality masks & strategies for being liked and loved. It didn’t matter anymore, it still doesn’t. This is me… well, a deeper version. There are still more layers to be shed ?
As they fall away we feel more. We dance more. We love more. There is less coping with life and more living of it.
Time to dance in the sun again and be free from the shackles of the deep pain that hides away.

Want to clear some of your coping mechanisms and self-heal? Come to the BreakThrough class. This has always been my favorite class for clearing these deep held ideas, which we hold true, and hold us back! And in such a gentle way – don’t worry they won’t all fall away at once!
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BreakThrough 1 is a gentle, practical process that puts you in touch with the unconscious convictions that dictate your life. This interactive class provides you with principles to use in everyday, challenging situations. Your perspective on conflict will be transformed as you discover its healing nature and purpose.
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