We can be Heroes, forever and ever

David Bowie’s tragic death has left millions today in tears asking why they are crying over someone they never met?

The truth is you did meet. On a heart level.

When someone sings they truly are in tune with their essence, they “sing from the heart” or “sing their heart out”. They tap into the magic of the Universe which we all have access to via the heart. DavId Bowie knew how to tap into that magic place of imagination, intuition & creativity in a way that few have even glimpsed. A genius, as some might call it?!

When we let go and just be us it is so freeing. When we honour who we are and go with it – not giving a ‘beep’ about what anyone thinks of us – it is magical. He did that in bucket loads!!

We all feel that, we wanted to be part of that dance. We too want to dance to our own tune & be connected to the universe on that deep level.

We want to create, express ourselves & be celebrated for being us.

When we heard him sing we too resonated with his heart for that brief moment… on an hour or two if the record was on repeat! Our heart sang too in resonance of his words. In resonance with his voice… and all the unseen energy of his presence.

So feel free to cry for a true magical person who touched your life. His words, music, values have touched us all in so many ways. Maybe you were listening to a song of his at a troubled or emotional moment – you let him into your heart when others were shut out.

You did meet him. So cry, let the emotion fly… and do something amazing & creative to honour a great man who touched your life.

“We can be Heroes, forever and ever
What d’you say?”

Heroes by David Bowie

RIP David Jones – thank you for the music!