Finding freedom

So I am passionate about people finding more joy and freedom in their lives.

A lot of people imprison themselves… through rigidity of the mind and their thoughts, through rigidity in the body, and limiting themselves by what they think is possible.

Everything I teach and all my one-to-one sessions are about people breaking free of the “prison” which they have found themselves in. To be truly free can be scary. We all seek safety in life (it is one of the basic human needs – see Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) and therefore that often means boxing ourselves in to a corner of the World where we feel safe.

We limit ourselves all the time, every minute of the day by the things we tell ourself and the beliefs we have. We often have a boundary to what we think we can do, be and have.

“I’m not pretty enough”

“I’m too old”

“I’m not clever enough”

But we can always find an exception to the rules! There is bound to be a 97 year old who still does gymnastics, just finished a degree and has a cute guy on her arm! (If you know her let me know!)

So why do we limit our thinking? Why do we box oursleves in?

Well most people don’t even notice they are doing it!

Even you!

We can’t always see how we are limiting our lives. It becomes so “normal” to us that we just accept this is the life I lead, this is the amount of money I earn, this is what I am capable of… but we also can remember a time when our lives were smaller. We have all grown in some capacity.

I just watched a moving film of some hens who were liberated from a battery farm. Seeing them suddenly able to do what comes natural to them and enjoy the feel of the ground beneath their feet, the sun on their faces. It is really moving…

I shed a few tears (I’d be amazed if this film doesn’t move you) and the tears were not just for the hens! The tears were there because I still am limiting myself (always more layers) and the film made be connect with why I do what I do… to help people free themselves of the shackles which are holding them back from living a life of joy and freedom.

How are you still limiting yourself?

Chickens free video