A blessing in disguise – Kundalini in depth

For many years I have been meaning to write some information on Kundalini energy… something which when I started in clinic I knew nothing about (more on that later) and now is something that, although I am not an expert, I have had a lot of experience with personally, with working with clients & friends. There is a lot of info out there, and I wanted to put together a mini resource for anyone wanting to understand more, and maybe even work out what is going on for them!

Kundalini comes from the Sanskrit:

“Kund” means “to burn”

“kunda” means to coil or spiral


First of all Kundalini is a unique thing – everyone has a different experience, although there are “common” things to talk about, believe me nothing is set in stone.

“Consciousness is all there is”


Everything in the universe is connected, one… label it with whatever you wish to call it but everything is energy and consciousness. Kundalini is part of this – it is the primary energy that represents the primary Consciousness that gives rise to everything, including us.

“Kundalini is the primary energy coming from Zero Point Field [from Quantum Theory this is the energy which comes from the vacuum (the space in between the atoms etc)] that represents the primary Consciousness that can give the Self the ability to ultimately know it’s Self  in complete unity Consciousness”

John Veltheim

Kundalini is basically the underlying energy source for the entire body-mind. So Chakras, Meridians, Qi… are all Kundalini. The Kundalini physically effects the brain & nervous system, so the nervous system is considered to be the physical representation of the Kundalini.

The strongest “source” of Kundalini lies at the base of the spine. From an anatomical perspective there is a crystalline structure at the tip of the coccyx, which it is thought it comes from (or through, who knows!?).

When I first started in clinic I did a BodyTalk session and I had to deal with a fear of Cobras in the lower spine!? Well I had no idea what was going on, but thankfully my client laughed as she saw the session was trying to connect me to the Kundalini energy. It is often represented by a Cobra or snake.

For thousands of years people have looked at Kundalini awakenings (sometimes called The Great Bliss) are the end goal – a blessing. A route to enlightenment maybe. The “goal” in basic terms is to get the Kundalini to move up through the chakras and complete a loop.

When the Kundalini comes up in the process of awakening (it runs Shanti, the power of pure Consciousness) it runs through all the subtle body layers, and the physical body. Through doing this it “burns” through all manor of tension – it heals, breaks through blocks, clears karmas, purifies… because we are all different and have a unique set of “issues”, “karma”, “BS” to clear through the changes and process will be unique to all.

As the Kundalini works through the Karmic “stuff” odd things can occur as trauma from past lives (as well as this) is cleared and purified. I guess “odd” things can happen which make no sense, or have no real grounding in this life, but need to be cleared. The process is a huge shift for those on this journey… and the ego isn’t always keen to go there!

It is true if you are in the process of awakening and transformation in this lifetime, then it is a blessing. And it can be tough, painful and hard at times! But there are other reasons why it shifts.

Often the Kundalini comes up to heal, so it is temporary. It can surge up (can happen to people during healing sessions, or during BIG shifts in life) to “burn” through the data banks in the body or patterns in the nervous system. Often there are involuntary movements with this. I see in clinic sometimes people involuntarily end up in yoga poses, or they start jumping off the table as the energy shifts.

Temporary Kundalini shifts are a blessing to help heal the body, once the job is done it will go dormant.

Unfortunately sometimes the awakening can happen through drugs or through being forced up (say by an accident, or through trying to force it – don’t mess people!! – even through certain yoga practises) and then the nervous system suddenly has to handle a million volts which it isn’t ready to handle. Unfortunately in these circumstances there is no off switch… so mental disorders & server neurological disorders can occur. This we call “pathalogical kundalini“.

So how do you know if your kundalini is moving! Well you will probably notice!!!

You may feel heat, or buzzing in your sacrum is a common one. However, I could be here all day listing “odd” things from eyes rolling upwards or rotating uncontrollably, to dropping of the left eyelid! Thyroid issues, to the smell of roses coming from the skin. If you read the list, everyone would think they may have “symptoms”.

Blockages in the Kundalini channels are an issue too. Sexual pleasure is a function of the nervous system, so often people with blockages will have poor orgasms. But orgasm blocks can be many things. They should be a total body experience if your working well! A sexual orgasm is a surge of Kundalini energy.


Kundalini Cycles

During the pathway to kundalini awakening there are cycles, key stages which are cycled through… it takes years to complete a cycle! I am not going to go through the stages here but I will have some resources at the end to find out more.

Any person in the deep stages of spiritual awakening will have kundalini  activity on some level. It can be subtle, or dramatic. Dramatic cases can be traumatic experiences – often people are thrown around the room. Plus there is the “dark night of the soul” phase which causes deep shifts in perspective & understanding… but the process is tough.

Once cycles start (everyone goes through at least one in a lifetime!) people can get super sensitive the the environment, and planet.


If someone has “symptoms” of Kundalini, or pathological kundalini because the energy has been stirred up and the body is not ready to handle it… then people need help.

How BodyTalk can help

Because we consult the innate wisdom of the body in BodyTalk we can safely “treat”… we basically are asking the Kundalini what to do! We can’t stop the energy flowing, but we can help the process.

The best thing to do is the Cortices technique – see video – as this helps calm the mind which can agitate the kundalini. It is better if you can get someone else to do them on you though… so send a friend to BodyTalk Access to learn how to do it.

There are also many acupuncture points which affect the kundalini, which I have studied and can work on as guided (note in BodyTalk we don’t use needles to do this).

Finally there are a number of other ways which the fascia & tissue (including that of the heart) can be adjusted to make things easier, and remove blocks.


Other useful things if your experiencing discomfort…


  • Any strong energy flows in the body can be stabilised with water.
  • Also showers, baths help – swimming in the ocean is best!


  • Also can help stabalise
  • Try salt in the bath, or use the sea (but ripples/waves can be too much)!
  • Himalayan rock salt can be placed on the body – use your intuition for where
  • Air travel can be hard – so carry rock salt to help ground the energy!


  • You always must keep something in your stomach! Only small amounts! A little milk and bread is usually good.
  • Small amounts of food every 30 mins – the body will guide you though – set an alarm if you need to
  • It is a huge energy, so it needs carbs! Sorry Atkins ?
  • Diary food has a stabilising effect on active kundalini


  • The body needs lots of earth energy, so walk barefoot!
  • Use grounding mats or grounding shoes
  • Food grown in the ground, such as root vegetables are good too.
  • Eating fat helps! Chips (fries), crisps…


  • When the spine is agitated, the mind is agitated. Lying on your back, with knees bent, on a hard surface can help calm
  • Lying on the ground outside can be good but bathroom tiled floors seem to be best!
  • Lie on back, with knees bent, arms at your side, place the tongue flat along the roof of the mouth & relax the perineum (muscle between the anus & genitals) – you can also try pushing it down.


  • When knees are locked straight the flow can be stronger, so don’t stand with knees locked


  • The kundalini energy is also the intuition (all things are one!)
  • Your intuition takes over when the kundalini is active

“Kundalini demands that you do one thing… live in service of self.  … the kundalini’s task is to burn away the inauthentic”

Esther Veltheim

Recommended Resources

Spiritual perspective – http://adishakti.org/subtle_system/kundalini.htm

“Symptomatology” – http://biologyofkundalini.com/


Awakening – http://www.crystalinks.com/kundalini.html








My gratitude and the majority of this wisdom shared in this article is due to John Veltheim the founder of BodyTalk. If your a BodyTalker take the Eastern Medicine course online!!