Stepping Into Love

Start 2019 with some free healing sessions!

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Join Eloise Ansell for some healing sessions this February!

Every year I do some group sessions – this year to celebrate 11 years in clinic I am keen to spread the magic even further with these free sessions!



Start 2019 with love

The perfect way see in Valentines Day would be with some group healing around the theme of love… self-love, relationships…



14 days of sessions

We will have a healing session every day between the 1st & 14th February!



Each session will be an audio. The healing will occur when you listen to the session… so you can listen when you have time. I explain everything at the start!

“Thank you for helping me focus on getting back in touch with my heart space and I hope I will continue to be connected for the year ahead, which I am already starting to feel will be a very exciting and transformative year!”

Kat - 2018

Eloise Ansell

My name is Eloise & I have been supporting people as a therapist for 11 years! For many of these years I have been running regular group healing sessions. And I love them! I am always getting wonderful feedback from all those participating.

I have clients all around the world who I work with one-to-one, or in groups online. In our busy day-to-day lives, I am so pleased to be able to offer remote healings, so anyone can benefit from the comfort of their own home.

The beauty of how I work is it can fit in with any other healings or modalities you are recieving. And you have the bonus of the group energy… ie more observers for each session!

If you have studied any quantum physics (!) you will find that everything is a sea of possibility which collapses down into what we experience based on our observations. So if we observe something, with a clear focus and intent to change it – we can change it!  Additionally add 100+ others doing the same & we have a massive group intent to focus on the changes we want to bring about.  The group energy really supports every member!

To celebrate 11 years in clinic I am again offering some free group healing sessions! These will be 14 mini sessions starting on the 1st February. I would love it if you would join us, and invite all your friends to do the same!


“That feels super! best group session yet! thank you eloise! literally felt that touched, sssooo empowering! feeling so good for it all round! thank you ? xxx”

Vikki , London UK (Sept 2015)

Find out more about group sessions:

Find out more about how group sessions work, and why I am so passionate about them…

(video from a couple of years ago!)