PLEASE NOTE: This is a specific service for people who have done MindScape with myself or Kris Attard.

For many years I have been offering MindScape sessions on Skype to a number of previous students who are also BodyTalk clients who I have known for a while. I always get wonderful feedback from the sessions and have decided to offer them now to any previous MindScape students.

I do enjoy these sessions immensely!  I get to combine a lot of my strengths to help support my clients with these sessions… I have a wealth of background I draw on for these sessions:

  • I was a life coach for over 10 years – I specialised in Career & Confidence coaching
  • Nero-Linguistic-Programming trainer – NLP is often described as “users manual for your mind” a good resource for rewiring the brain. I am trained to teach it.
  • MindScape Instructor & practitioner
  • My background in Change Management in the Corporate world
  • BodyTalk system

There are a few reasons why people book a MindScape session with me. Most people want an external observer to support them to work through an issue, such as a relationship problem or a business challenge. Others have fallen out of using their workshop and want some support to re-engage with it, and cannot get to a class to revisit the material (which is the best way!).

I only have so many hours in the month, so scheduling these sessions in is hard to be honest! But well worth it as I love to work through a challenge with a client. Each session is booked for up to 90 mins. However sometimes after 45 mins people are satisfied they have what they needed!



  • Please come clear on what area it is you want to address or work on. A clear question can be useful.
  • You will also get more from the session is you have been in your workshop in the last week or so.
  • Be willing to have a change, or see things differently! I don’t pull any punches in these sessions!!!


Session Overview:

First we talk through what is going on for you in the area of your life you want to address, or issue you have. We get some clarity on the key question, and get all the background information needed. Of course you may get some ah-has just from this!

Next I walk you into MindScape, and lead you into your Workshop. A good chance to talk through what it is representing, and see if any insights come from that.

Then we are just guided by our intuition! We just see what shows up… there is no set agenda or process for the sessions. Having 2 people focusing on your workshop and me guiding you through the session, is a powerful combination.

Finally, once we both feel done I will talk you out of MindScape, & we can review your insights.


How to book:

Just drop me an email (visit contact page if you need to) and we can get a session in the diary.

Please note depending on my diary, session availability is limited. I usually do these sessions on a Monday. Session cost is £100.