How Distance Sessions Work…

An overview for new clients on how I do sessions & what to expect.

So pleased you have booked a distance session with me. Please listen to the audios to understand how sessions will work & what you need to do to get the most out of them.
Overview – you may have already listened to this on my distance session page before you booked!?

Here are two forms to complete – you can either scan or photograph them back to me.

Additionally feel free to email me ( with any additional information of anything which feels relevant which doesn’t fit on the form easily. I will read through all your forms & emails before I sit to do your session.

Additionally email me any photos/info which feels important.

It may also be useful to answer the following:

Parents – are they alive, their health, how is/was your relationship. And siblings?
Antibiotics – have you had many? When was last round?
Your birth – was it natural? where you breastfed?
If you have any children, then their birth details.
Any trauma to the body – operations/accidents? Please give details/location/dates.

Please listen to this before your session… it explains how this will work & goes into some of what to expect. Yep sorry it is long (45 mins) but it is key you listen to it.

Any more questions? Try the FAQ page!