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I understand if I reschedule on less than 24 hours notice OR show up more than 10 minutes late to my appointment, I will be considered a no-show, and I will lose my session and not be entitled to a full or partial refund. I understand & recognise that The Compassion Key and any other tools and processes Eloise employs are only one potential factor in the management of my physical and mental health, my financial life, my relationships or any other part of my life. And that the work I do together with Eloise may in fact have no impact on my physical or psychological health or any other part of my life. I also recognise that ultimately it is up to me whether I choose to follow the information and guidance provided by Eloise and that it is advisable for me to consult with medical or mental health professionals with regards to matters related to my physical and mental health, and consult with other licensed professionals with regards to legal or financial matters or other matters that might require specialized support from licensed professionals.