Soul Sessions with Eloise Ansell

Returning in Autumn 2022!

Things evolve…

Since 2008 I have been using my intuition to heal people – tuning into the priorities of what is needed to be observed (seeing the unseen) in order to heal and shift people.

This has mainly been focused on physical & emotional issues which clients come to me about. I always follow the priorities for people in terms of their general health & well-being. However, as people mainly come to me with health related issues – that is where clinic tends to hang out!

Other things come in…

Sometimes with long-term clients, who are open to other things coming in… well they do!

Some sessions are very esoteric and can go into lots of different places – depending on the clients model of the world and their willingness to shift.

Sometimes past loved ones pop in to send a message of love.

Sometimes we heal old wounds from past lives, which are running the show in this life.

I do a lot of “shamanic” work – well that is how others explain it.

The one thing I have learnt over the years is that we understand so little!  We don’t understand very much about how the universe works… so let’s let go of needing to understand!

My Soul’s purpose seems to be to activate others to their true self! Bring out something different in them… I want to start focusing on this more wholly with these sessions.

“As always Eloise with her mind blowing intuition hit so many nails on the head with my soul session…
She brings a combination of many abilities with numerology, intuition, tarot, compassion etc into her session, picking up on relatives around me with spot-on accuracy down to name and characteristics!
Eloise can convey the depths of your soul and your journey to you and manages to do it in a very light and compassionate way.
I wanted the session to keep on going!
Thanks Eloise…”
Catherine, October 2018

Soul Sessions

So as I seem to be here to guide people to their truth, to their heart’s desire, to their path… It feels it is time to open up to do more of the “wacky” stuff! Embrace the “woo woo” (as some would call it!).  It feels time to offer soul sessions again…

Reach your potential

Be open to messages of what your soul wants to tell you… see how best you can reach your potential. What does your heart desire?

Become the authentic you

To be authentic you need to love and know yourself first. What is blocking this? What is unseen here?

Soul connection

What needs to shift, or be seen & observed, to enable your soul to be happy!? What is blocking your soul’s path?

I will be honest… I have no idea where we are going to go in these sessions! They maybe similar to the ones I started in 2018 again!? They maybe different.

You will get whatever you need from a session!

These sessions may include healing on many levels, and will complement anything else you are doing. Including other sessions with me.

Want to book a soul session?

Please book using the link below (or if you are in the UK you can send pennies via bank transfer if you prefer – email me for info).

I will be in touch to ask you to complete a questionnaire before the session.

You will receive an audio of the session once it is done – I will record the whole thing. And any follow up work will be done via audio & email.

*I would also love a testimonial from anyone who has a session!


“I felt that Eloise saw straight into my soul, which can be unnerving but also life changing.

I am now reassured that my late father is no longer angry an in pain over the manner of his passing and the events leading up to it.

I’m also reassured that I have taken the right steps in life (which seemed like a gamble at the time) and inspired to achieve something great.”

Aashna, July 2018

“Have a soul session with Eloise and it will blow you away how accurate it is with your life right now.

There is no need to drive for hours to get to see Eloise as she does it remotely and it works. So run a bath, put the kettle and listen to your own personal soul session in the comfort of your own home, that Eloise sends via a file ready to download.

What I really love about Eloise is , she has a great sense of humour , an enormous heart and the readings, healings are always fun. Thank you Eloise  you certainly are a modern day Medicine Woman.”
Fiona, July 2018

“I have benefited from Eloise’s amazing help previously… As usual, Eloise was insightful, relevant and encouraging in my soul session.

I felt a lovely sense of lightness afterwards, coupled with optimism and areas to focus on for the future.

It was really helpful to have some of the ideas I had been playing with and the issues I had been struggling with put into context of a journey across several lifetimes.”

Elena, July 2018

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