House Clearing

With Eloise Ansell

Ever think there is something that needs sorting in your home?

It maybe the cat staring at something?

It maybe that corridor no one likes at night?!

Or your child is having sleeping issues, or doesn’t want to be in their bed at night?

Or maybe one room just feel “off”!?

OK, you know something is going on… maybe you have tried to sage the house, but it hasn’t quite cleared it? Or it feels better for a while and comes back?

There can be a million reasons why the energy can be off in your home!

Construction, redecorating, changing the colours, getting a new pet, or piece of art… so many things can change the dynamics energetically.

Sometimes there is Earth energies interfering with the home. It isn’t just ley lines which cause issues! It can be neighbours who change something which comes down the energy lines into your home.

And yes sometimes there are entities at play! Most of them are harmless… they just don’t know they are dead and wonder why everyone is ignoring them 😉

And yes sometimes it is past loved ones trying to get your attention!

Your home should be your sanctuary! A calm warm space full of love to relax in.

If you want to create a more relaxed atmosphere in your home, or clear out the demons (joke!) then whatever your home needs I can help.

I have years of experience…

“I have heard Eloise talking about house-clearing sessions in the past and I was curious how it goes.

I booked a session for my rented flat, no particular reason, pure curiosity.
It was very interesting as always, it felt so good to hear that the energy of old people that lived in there was cleared and so many other things, and also the whole building and land has benefited from this session, including my neighbours.
Eloise had also done a session for my parent’s home, and that was a big one, as lots of generations from my family lived in there.
So many things has happened after that session, good ones. Lots of things to clear also from the land again, and all the area and neighbours are benefiting from this session. There’s a follow up session in 6 months, looking forward to see what else is coming up.
Eloise couldn’t open the video with the house that I have sent, but what came up was so accurate.
I would advise anyone to book a house clearing session, as we are the ones that benefit from it.
Thank you so much Eloise once again for your help”
LP, UK 2022

House Clearing

Over the years of supporting people to live healthy lives I have often had to look at their environment! You cannot expect a plant to do well in a dark room… it needs a healthy environment to be healthy…  and we are the same!!

You deserve a healthy home!

I have had years of experience clearing spaces, homes, businesses… I even once removed some badgers from someone’s garden!

I have done many sessions for children’s bedrooms over the years! Kids are like cats, they have so much awareness of their surroundings energetically! Which means they can be upset by many things.



Cleanse the home

In a session I will actually ask your home (yep it has awareness too!) what I can do to help get stuck energy flowing & cleanse it… so it is back to it’s full potential.

Cleanse the land

You will be surprised how much is going on under your home (or with your neighbours) which is impacting the energy of your home. Past arguments over the land stick around!

Clear out the clutter

Having trouble getting rid of clutter in your home? Or getting organised?

Clearing the energy often gets things moving to get the physical things shifting too!

I use many tools in my kit to clear homes…

From BioGeometry to entity clearing… whatever your home needs it can direct me to look at it.

Want to book a House Clearing session?

Please book using the link below (or if you are in the UK you can send pennies via bank transfer if you prefer – email me for info).

I will be in touch to ask you to complete a questionnaire before the session & confirm a date.

You will receive an audio of the session once it is done – I will record the whole thing. And any follow up work will be done via email.

The session will run when you listen to it… so preferably be in the home (or not) as directed.


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