Thank you for registering for the​ (Mod 9) BodyTalk: Matrix Dynamics Class with Tracey Clark!

We are so pleased you are joining us!

Everything you need to know is below… so please take time to read through the below & take the action requested. There are some things you need to do to complete your registration.

I am so excited to be bringing Tracey’s class to everyone online.
Please come back to us if you need any further information. I will be in touch before the class.

Kind regards
Eloise (& Tracey)
Class Schedule:
Sat 8th October 2022 – 12.00pm till 9.00pm UK time  (Eloise online at 11.30am)
Sun 9th                          – 12.00pm till 9.00pm
Times above are in UK, London time (BST = GMT+1) daily
Find the start time in your time zone by clicking here.
I will be online daily 15 mins before the class starts. On day one I will be on around 30 mins before – so you can come to the pre-class party & meet each other. Plus check your tech is working!
Obviously, we will try to keep to time but please be flexible. There will be breaks!
You are welcome to bring your own drinks & snacks! haha 😉  This class maybe changing a lot of things in your wiring! So please have everything handy (including water) in case your brain or body requests it.
How the online sessions will work:
We will be using Zoom. Have you used Zoom before? If not please get in touch, or test it out with a friend so you are familiar with it.
I will be online 30 mins before we start on day 1 to welcome you. This gives you a chance to check your microphone & video before we begin. So feel free to join me before some class for some pre-class chat & get to know your fellow participants.
As with the live class you will be able to record the audio (no video or pictures of participants). The audio release form included covers this.
** Please note: In line with GDPR your taking part in the class means you are agreeing to be recorded. As specified in the audio & waiver forms, only the audio will be kept & your image will only be used if specifically agreed to (ie we might do a class photo if everyone agrees).
Payment information:
The fee if $700 (USD) till 16th September. After that date the fee will be $750.
Canadian students will be charged equivalent prices in CAD (e.g. $890 EB, $950 full rate) as well as applicable sales tax
If you are repeating the class you can pay the monitor rate (typically $187.50 USD or $240 CAD).

If you have not yet paid? Tracey should have sent you an invoice via PayPal once you registered on the IBA website. If you have not had this please get in touch with me – obviously if you just registered give Tracey & her team a couple of days.

Things you need:
You will need a camera on your computer. We want to see your lovely face!
I will need to see you during the class. So you do need a camera which will enable us to see you. If you are on your phone you need to find a way to prop it up! We cannot have lots of movement on the camera as it is disturbing.
Please make sure you have somewhere you can sit comfortably for the class – where you are not going to be disturbed.
You will also need to test your microphone out before the class – it maybe helpful to have headphones for the sound quality. I will be online in plenty of time before the first day, so you can check your settings.
All you need is yourself!
Obviously your computer & video camera!
Notebook & pen – would be helpful to write some of the key points, or your thoughts in the session.
Charts – I will ensure you have these before class.
It maybe good to reboot your computer before the class. Also, please close any notifications or windows on your computer. And turn your phone off (or put it out of reach on silent).  If you are seeing emails come in, or checking your phone, you will be distracted & not get the full benefits of the class.
* Forms you need to complete:

You will not be able to attend the class unless you complete all the forms!  I will not be sending out the Zoom links till a few days before class, and only to those who have completed the following forms.

Online –
The online forms may take a minute to submit:
Audio Form – Release Form to Permit Audio Recording

Please get the forms done soon, so there is no last-minute rush to get them completed.


Final notes & things to mention:
New students: You will get a manual!
** Please email me with your up-to-date address!
Manuals are very expensive… so I need you to confirm your address in full.
We will get them sent out to you as soon as possible. Don’t worry, you do not need it for the class. We will give everyone a handout for the class. We won’t always send them out till after class… depends on how Tracey wants to do it.
Monitors: If you have a white manual with a picture on the cover you are fine.
As part of the agreement with the IBA to teach online, they will have the meeting invite details as well. They may possibly jump onto a session to see how we are doing. We also may share the audio of the class with them, if requested.
If you need an invoice for the class, please just ask… although you will have had a PayPal invoice.
I will be in touch with all the Zoom links & handouts before class – once I have your forms completed.
Any further questions? Please drop Eloise an email