“I had a wonderful two months being part of the intuition program with Eloise Ansell!

I felt like I was part of a community of people learning and experiencing the exciting journey of self expansion and awareness towards opening up a different way of being and seeing. I felt privileged and very excited every week or every new development in the intuition journey through Eloise’s group sessions and insights.

Her sincerity and dedication towards her leaner community and family is remarkable and always refreshingly pure!

Thank you Eloise!!! xxxoooxxxx”

Zineb, Morocco

I have a number of options if your interested in taking your intuition to the next level! All options are available to all, and most of them can be done at home!

You can also book a distance session to focus on your intuition & get your personal individual blocks cleared.

Take a look and see what matches your needs…

11 Keys

11 Keys to upgrade your intution.

Video & 3 mini sessions


My 8 week online programme to get your spark back & make your intuition your best friend!


In person training over weekend to structure the intuition… helps take your intuition to another level & then some!

“I love this course.

Eloise has created a structure that allows accessibility and immediacy to one’s own intuition in a deceptively simple way.

The bonus really helps you to tune in on another level.”

Deb, UK

“The 8 week’s intuition talks was has been a key programme for me. I’ve seen so many shifts in myself, not just related to intuition, but my health improved enormously (after many years of health issues), and emotionally I am more in-tune with myself and others. There have been such major shifts in these areas, and they have really improved the my quality of life.

The 8 sessions are linked into each other, which is great, and it’s almost like reading a novel – you just can’t wait to be at the next chapter, just to see what’s going to happen there, and I was sad to see the programme end. ”

Melissa, UK

 “I have just completed the mindscape course with Eloise. I found the weekend truly enlighting and revealing. It allowed me to explore the inner workings of my subconscious in a safe and supported way. I also learned methods to tap into the universal consciousness to help develop my creativity and intuition. Eloise was a great teacher, approachable, funny and kind.

I would recommend anyone to do it and expand their potential.

Thanks again for the course I really enjoyed it.”

Gemma, Brighton, UK