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Free sessions

In 2015 I offered free sessions… you can still take advantage and join in!

In 2015 I celebrated 7 years of clinic with some free monthly group sessions!

I had so much wonderful feedback on past group sessions I really want to do more in 2015 and reach more people! Well the 2015 sessions received even more amazing feedback! I was consistently blown away with the shifts people were emailing about during the year (and still are)!

To celebrate 7 years in clinic I offered this series for free to give back to the planet (I guess!?) for all the gratitude I have for my life. And to thank all my current & past students & clients with a chance to heal. I wanted to reach as many people as possible! So please help me with that goal and share this page with friends.

I ran these group on-line sessions just like I do for all my distance (remote) clinic sessions – for your convenience! Everyone emailed me with what is coming up for them and I sent everyone the audio of the session as soon as it is done, so you can listen when you have the time and space. In our hectic busy worlds this maybe while lying in bed at the end of the day, or it could be with your morning coffee. And the bonus is you can listen to it multiple times if you want to.

** Please make sure you are sitting comfortably and relaxed, ready to receive the session when you listen to it.

These sessions are open to anyone and completely free, so if you know anyone who would be interested please share with friends & family – the more people joining in means more observers, which supports the group to bigger shifts!


“Thank you thank you thank you! This was absolutely amazing, I am so grateful.  Just what I have been needing. Has realest so much. I’m feeling super hungry! My stomach been gurgling all morning.  Just done the session.  I have just moved and possibilities are endless,  just believing I can do it and i’m worth it. Feeling great.
Many blessings super appreciative”
Katrina North NZ

January – “New Year, New You”

Listen here (90 mins) – in 2 parts…


Part 1 - some introductions to what the group calls are, how they work and what to expect:

“Eloise’s group distance session for Valentine’s Day was just wonderful!  Despite being a group session, it was amazing how much the session resonated for me personally, and I felt a very strong connection to the other participants in the group (even though I had no idea who they were!).  There’s something a bit special about a group session…the energy is exemplified and you have an opportunity to see things differently.”
CG, Australia 2014

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