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Easy booking process…

If you prefer to listen to the page, here is the audio:

So glad you want to book a session. I have recently moved all my forms online to make it easier for people to book – they seem to be working well.

If you want to book a child in (or pet) please message me. Children under 18 get a discount and I have some different forms to complete in that case.

I try and fit in as many distance session days as I can – around all my other projects & teaching. You can always look at my availability for an idea of when my next available slot is. If I am booked up for weeks ahead and it is an emergency (or you can’t wait) ask about my “jump the queue” rates.

How to book…

1. Pay for your session

If you are in the UK please email me for my bank details. Otherwise there are Paypal buttons below you can use to pay. Please note I have rates for block bookings. I highly encourage new clients to book a minimum of 3 sessions. This gives your body a chance to have a bit of a “spring clean”.

** Please note there are no refunds for sessions booked via Paypal. You can read more at the bottom of the page.


2. Complete the online intake forms

Once you pay you will be redirected to a page with some intake forms… a consent form and a detailed background/history form. Although I can do your session without knowing anything about you (I always follow what your body wants to address anyway) it is easier for me to feedback what is coming up in the session & how it relates to your circumstances if I know a little more about what is going on for you.

Plus if you put something on the form ie you are asking to shift something – well your body might put the same thing on it’s “shopping” list too! So, it is worth mentioning everything! However, weird or strange it is (believe me I won’t be surprised!).

If you think of things after you complete the form you can always email me anything additional. Please don’t worry about sending me an essay 😉

Also, you can email me any relevant photos if you like. I don’t need to know what you look like to tune in but a recent photo is always appreciated. I do need a completed consent form as a minimum before I can do your session.

PayPal will direct you to a thank you page which has the forms linked.


** If you are writing a lot of detail in the intake form I encourage you to cut and paste it somewhere (or take a screenshot) before pressing ‘send’… just in case something goes wrong! You don’t want to have to re-write it! And we know however good the technology is, it isn’t always perfect! You should get a message (in green) at the top of the page telling you it is sent – if it processed correctly.


3. I will contact you with a date for your session

As soon as I see your payment come through via Paypal, or you get in touch for my bank details, I will be in touch to confirm a date for your session. This will be the next available spot I have. If you want a specific date, please ask.

However, I will need your forms completed before then. If I have not had your forms the day before the session I will drop you an email to chase you.

** If you have not heard from me please check your spam/junk for an email from

Your Session Day…

There is no set time for your session: If you want to understand more about how my clinic works & why that is; please take a look at my distance page.

I sit down and do the session on the agreed date (I never know the length of sessions, but clinic is normally finished by 6pm UK time). I record the session live and send the audio, via email to you. I send the email as soon as it is done. You can then listen to it online on any device. Plus you can download it (please do so within 2 weeks) to listen again.


Generally the session will run when you listen to it (unless your body dictates otherwise). So please find some space to relax and receive it.

Some clients listen in bed, some on the sofa, or sat on the beach… that is the beauty of it. It is up to you when & where you listen. Whenever fits into your life and schedule.

Often clients fall asleep when they listen. It still works! Your body just needs to go “offline” to process. You can always listen again later to hear it consciously.

I do encorage you to listen the day it is done though, if possible. But some clients wait till the weekend when they have more time.

After your session if you have any feedback or questions please drop me an email. I always love hearing from you.

Your body also requests when the next session will be! I always ask at the end of the session when the optimal time for a follow up is indicated. Your body can also tell me if another modality would be more helpful, if another practitioner may be better for you… or any additional support it needs will be flagged.

I will put the requested session date in my diary (or the nearest option I have to your bodies request). And if you want to move it just let me know.

After Your Session …

There is no set way you should feel, or be, afterwards! Every session is different, and every client is different!

The way I work is guided by your body-mind. I follow it’s agenda, speed & priorities. Often, the body wants to gently resolve & heal at it’s own pace. It doesn’t really want a healing crisis! Depending on your level of sensitivity, you may not notice much at first (or everything can change!?) as the session may take days, or even months, to ripple through the layers of you.

It is unusual for the body to go through a “healing crisis” unless there is no other way than a deep dotox.

Sometimes clients wake up feeling so different the next day. Sometimes they find they sleep a lot more for a few days afterwards… the body will process the session with as much ease as possible.

Every session chips away at the layers of the issues you have (and may not be aware of!) until suddenly things fall away. Sometimes a lot goes in one session (I love “miracle” sessions) and othertimes it can take a few sessions to get things moving! Especially, if your body has a lot going on!

A bonus of distance sessions is you can listen to it as many times as you like! So if you listen to the session multiple times it can integrate the shifts at a deeper level!

Your understanding of the session, the ah-ha’s you gain and the integration of listening to it again is something you miss out on when you see me in person.

Additionally, if you fall asleep (which people often do when they are shifting – the conscious mind needs to switch off to allow the subconscious to process uninterrupted) whilst listening to the session you can replay it and not miss anything!

Replaying it also helps support the body-mind to integrate and continue running any formulas which I may have set up to run for weeks, if not months, after the session.

It’s like going to the gym – going once isn’t enough to get bigger muscles! You need to go regularly to see benefits.


Want to know more about how they work?

There is more information about how my distance clinic evolved here:      Distance Clinic

Plus more FAQs: FAQ Page

Long-Term Client Discounts:

These prices are for long-term clients only, do not share this page with others. Many thanks x

** Please note no refunds will be given if you book a session via the links above. If you purchase a session and then choose not to have it, please let me know a minimum of 24 hours before the session date. (Please see cancellation policy). If payment has already been sent via PayPal you can use the credit for an online class. If you insist on a refund you will receive it minus the PayPal fees. Also, if exchange rates have changed I cannot guarantee the refund amount you will receive!