+44 7766 820285 info@eloiseansell.com



HOVE – Ad-hoc hours when available:

Please email for details. I will try and accommodate sessions into my diary when I can. This is limited though.

Grey Door Therapy Clinic, First Floor, 36 Blatchington Road, Hove, BN3 3YN

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DISTANCE – Most Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays:

I do 97% of sessions at a distance (remote)! Some for people who are either too sick to leave home/hospital, are too busy to make time to come along, have small children… or they are too far away! I have clients all over the UK as well as the World who regularly have sessions recorded and listen to them at their leisure…

I have had clients in:

UK, Netherlands, Italy, Jordan, Canada, Belgium, New Zealand, Spain, Morocco, Australia, Malta, Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland… an ever growing list!

For more information please see my distance session page. There is also a distance session to experience on that page… why not try it?!!

Distance Clinic / Remote sessions available as schedule allows. Always trying to accommodate everyone as much as possible.


I try and squeeze in as many clinic days as I can around my busy teaching & course schedule. ** For Hove please email me re availability if no date below.

These are the planned dates for the coming months – subject to change…


* Tues 12th – Distance – Date Added – FULLY BOOKED

Wed 13th – Distance – FULLY BOOKED

Wed 14th – Distance – FULLY BOOKED

Tues 19th – Distance – FULLY BOOKED

Wed 20th – Distance – FULLY BOOKED


*Mon 2nd – Distance – Date Added – FULLY BOOKED

Tues 3rd – Distance – FULLY BOOKED

*Thurs 5th – Distance – Date Added – FULLY BOOKED

Tues 10th – Distance – FULLY BOOKED

*Wed 11th – Distance – Date Added – only 1 spot available

Thurs 12th – Distance – only 1 spot available

Tues 17th – Distance – FULLY BOOKED

Wed 18th – Distance – FULLY BOOKED

Thurs 19th – Distance – FULLY BOOKED

** Winter Break


Tues 7th – Distance – only 3 spots available

Wed 8th – Distance – only 3 spots available

Thurs 9th – Distance

Tues 14th – Distance – only 3 spots available

Wed 15th – Distance

Thurs 16th – Distance

Mon 20th – Distance – FULLY BOOKED


Tues 4th – Distance – only 2 spots available

Wed 5th – Distance

Thurs 6th – Distance

Tues 11th – Distance

Wed 12th – Distance

Thurs 13th – Distance

Tues 18th – Distance – only 3 spots available

Cancellation policy for sessions:

In person sessions – please text or call 07766 820285 by 10 am on the day prior to your scheduled session to notify me of any changes or cancellations. If prior notification is not given, you may be charged 50% for the missed appointment. Alternately a remote session is always available if you cannot attend in person.

To reorganise a remote (distance) session please email me by 10am on the day prior to your scheduled session.