Cortices Technique

The Cortices technique is an effective and quick way of helping you and your family on a daily basis. The technique takes less than 2 minutes and is easy to learn.

Please pass it on and teach it to others.

Here is an overview of how to use it:

Here is a video of me talking through and demonstrating the technique:

Use it every day to help improve your health generally. Use it when your stressed, anxious or tired to help settle your mind and allow you to function better.

The whole premise is about connecting the two sides of the brain and allowing them to work together. Improving the communication between the two sides of the brain so the intuition and logic can work as a team. By helping your brain to work as nature intended you can cope with stress easier, and your brain can communicate with the body in an improved way. So the right messages go to the right places at the right times!

Because the technique is great for taking the stress and overwhelm off the brain, use the technique when your tired, run down, or injured. Any time you feel stress or experience any kind of trauma.

With regular use it can help to reinforce calm in the brain, and therefore in your life, as the brain learns to work effectively again.