The premise of BreakThrough is that our birthright is to live authentically and naturally. But deep-seated, unconscious convictions about who we are distort our experience of life. These disruptive beliefs do not need to be eradicated because they have no truth to them. They simply need to have light shed on them so that they lose their power over us. The BreakThrough techniques are specifically designed to catalyse and facilitate this process.

All that is required is a quantum shift in perspective

BreakThrough 1 is a gentle, practical process that puts you in touch with the unconscious convictions that dictate your life. This interactive class provides you with principles to use in everyday, challenging situations. Your perspective on conflict will be transformed as you discover its healing nature and purpose.

This class is a gift to yourself… everyone on the class receives a BreakThrough Steps (process), plus you shift from all of them! It is an opportunity to clear deep held beliefs which are muddying our lives.

There are many audios with Terryann to investigate: BreakThrough Calls & Webinars

UK BreakThrough classes:

2021 dates (UK times = BST = GMT+1):

Monday 17th May – 2pm till 4pm BreakThrough 1 presentation (free)

 20/21/22/23 May (4 days) Thurs till Sun – 2pm-6pm BreakThrough class

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