BioGeometry Class

“He who knows the law of vibrations, knows all”- Hermes Trismegistrius

BioGeometry is a fascinating new science based on ancient wisdom, a true modern alchemy of form! This 6-day training teaches you how to create harmony and balance in spaces, buildings, personal well-being and all aspects of life by using shapes, colours, movement and so on. BioGeometry has been scientifically proven in various research studies in the fields of architecture, health, agriculture and even in counteracting the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution.

BioGeometry was founded by Dr Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, who brought together principles from the once secret temple sciences of ancient Egypt with the radiesthesia studies of the early 20th century and his own ground-breaking findings. Dr Karim discovered the qualities which underlie all balancing processes in Nature, and much of BioGeometry consists in learning to detect these powerful transcendental qualities and learning to create them in all fields of life, for powerful harmonizing effects.

Anyone can learn BioGeometry! It appeals not just to those seeking to enhance their awareness and skills for life but also students of the metaphysical, artists, designers, architects, farmers and so on.


The Foundation Training consists of three levels.

Level 1 deals with the fundamental concepts of BioGeometry that draw on ancient wisdom and energy science, with a modern approach.

Level 2 teaches the skills of energy quality measuring and balancing, including techniques of radiesthesia.

Level 3 addresses the specialised topics of Design Principles, which can be applied to anything from a logo to a house, and BioSignatures, powerful patterns that can help bring about harmony in one’s being, protection and so on.

Participants will receive detailed manuals for all three levels, a file with hundreds of BioSignature patterns, special charts including Turenne Rulers and emitter forms, and a pendulum with which one can learn to detect wavelengths, test for affinity of items and so on.

Here is a brouchure with more information on the class: class brouchure

Eloise is the UK coordinator for Kris Attard’s BioGeometry classes.

Your instructor will be Kris Attard, Europe’s first Certified BioGeometry Instructor who has been conducting various trainings for 20+ years and in as many countries.


Next UK Foundation class – 2020

Advanced Class – levels 3,4, & 5 – 2020

Both classes are currently planned to be held in Brighton at the Hilton.

Contact Eloise for further details.

PS I highly recommend everyone look into wearing some BioGeometry medalion/pendants – more info at the European Shop

Additional info at the main website: