How our life impacts our health… and the long term benefits of BodyTalk

“My neck was fine until just before the class!”

How our life impacts our health… and the long term benefits of BodyTalk

Those of you who have come to my BodyTalk Access class will know my story and many of the benefits I have personally had from my BodyTalk sessions. One of the first things which resolved itself (actually when I took the BodyTalk Practitioner training) was my Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in my neck. I was diagnosed with it when I was 11 years old, so it had been with me for a while…

By my 20s I was often paralysed with pain, unable to move my neck for days on end! I never knew when I would flare up, and then it would take 3 or 4 days to calm down. Sometimes just standing up would set it off!!? It really was a daily “pain in the neck”!

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto-immune disorder, which often results in pain, swelling & stiffness around a joint, sometimes organs. For some people it is a life changer, it really can inhibit daily life.

Thankfully for me, I learnt to listen to my body and learnt when I needed to avoid exercise and manage it through regular visits to the osteopath. However, when it was bad it was terrible!

I had been having regular BodyTalk for around a year before it was ready to shift – we always have to honour the bodies priorities and what pace and order it wants to address things! Over the course of 6 months, all my symptoms disappeared after a couple of specific sessions focused on it.

I was amazed when it shifted! I always thought I was stuck with this pain for life. I was so grateful when it went! This was one of the many reasons which pushed me to work full time as a BodyTalker. If I could clear such big issues, even for a handful of people as a practitioner it was worth it. I knew what it was like to live in pain daily, so it was definitely a factor in me taking the step to help others fulltime.

Jump forward 8 years… I have really been pain and symptom-free for all these years. I get the odd neck tightness, but who doesn’t! So I was fine until…. The end of June!

Wednesday 29th June all my symptoms came back! I am not joking… the pain, tightness, the whole thing was back! I couldn’t turn my head to the right at all, it was so tight it was unbearable. It is amazing how the old coping patterns come back, I just went back to how life used to be at the drop of a hat. It was normal pretty quickly.

So why was it back after 8 years? Well I was about to attend a brand new BodyTalk course (first live course in the World) with Dr Laura Stuve (PHD) on Epigenetics… and my body was flagging it’s priorities! Very loud and very clearly!

“Epigenetics – Epigenetics is the study of changes in gene expression (not changes to the underlying DNA sequence) which in turn affects how cells read the genes. Epigenetic changes are a regular and natural occurrence but can also be influenced by several factors including age, the environment/lifestyle, stress, trauma and disease.”

I was really looking forward to the Epigenetic class as I was excited to learn some new ways to help my clients. I have studied some of it before, and already had lots of BodyTalk tools which I have used with clients to work on how stress has affected their DNA markers, however, this class was going to take it to another level.

In the class, Laura covered a lot of science (!) & expanded our BodyTalk tool set so we could understand the links between our genetic potential for health and lifestyle; diet, exercise, exposure to infections, toxins, medications. Her aim is “radical well-being” from this work.

“Lifestyle is the domain where transformation takes place… The most exciting news of all is that the conversation between body, mind and genes can be transformed. This transformation goes far beyond prevention, even beyond wellness, to a state we call radical Well-being” Deepak Chopra & Rudolph E. Tanzi – “Super Genes: The hidden key to total well-being”

We studied how epigenetics effects our health, and how it plays a part in specific health areas; such as cancer, weight, hormonal imbalance, immune issues (allergies, autoimmune diseases, asthma), psychological conditions, learning and memory.

Even sleep problems can be an epigenetic issue!

Laura has a PhD molecular biologist, she spent 25 years doing research in human molecular genetics in both academia and the biotechnology industry, before transitioning into BodyTalk. She even worked on the Human Genome Project – So she knows her stuff!

So what is it all about?

Well in simple terms we get markers (think like sticky tape) which cover the DNA and stops it from producing the right proteins needed in the body (or produces the wrong ones!). We add markers during times of stress, trauma… when we get in contact with toxins… It can be anything, for me light sensitivity at a certain time in the afternoon came up as an environmental factor which caused me a marker!

This sticky tape turns on and off the DNA sequences so they can or cannot be read. Your DNA throughout your whole body is the same, however, in the heart you want the “heart protein recipes” to be read and used, and in the liver you want the “liver protein recipes” on show. So anytime the markers open or close a wrong bit – all kinds of health challenges can be created.

If you have ever said “I never had this problem till….” or “As soon as …. happened, I got this problem” then you probably created a marker at the time of stress which is causing the symptom!

I often talk about the bodies “healthy blueprint” which is the optimal well-being state we have possible. Our bodies need to be able to adapt and change, to be flexible and respond to external environment; such as food availability, emotional stress, toxins etc. Laura describes how these adaptions sometimes “lock-down” as chronic health issues, or emotional states we can’t seem to shift! Additionally our genes have memory… they remember what our Mum ate while we were a fetus, how we abused our bodies at University, and even our ancestor’s trauma! So our health is being impacted by trauma & toxins our ancestors experienced over a 100 years ago!

We were all asked to bring a list of 4 things to the class which we wanted to focus on personally for the practical aspects of the course. I did have a shopping list; however, my neck didn’t take long to come up in the class.

It came up while I was working with the wonderful Gerry Hale – who is also an Osteopath so he is familiar with RA – he was surprised how bad my neck was! So he started asking how many markers I had for my neck… well I expected 3 or maybe 10 at a push… but no 21! What!?

Laura came over to see how we were doing and we explained what had happened. She thinks all my regular BodyTalk sessions were keeping my neck issues under control all these years. However, I have a massive epigenetic factor which needed to be addressed for this to be gone completely from my system.

The session indicated if I remove 8 markers (so I get below 13) it will be in remission as such. We had permission to work on 4 at the time… so I am currently processing those formulas. I will do another session in a couple of weeks and see if I have permission to remove a few more.

The markers were a specific type which before the class we did not have a way of removing. So this was the first time my body had a chance to remove them. It was fascinating to hear as Gerry found it was all inherited factors from a distant family member who had lead poisoning.

(Don’t worry Gerry had an awesome session off me too!)

Many of my clients notice their symptoms coming up in the hours or days before a session – it is incredible how our bodies know what needs to be “put in the room” for a session & when help is available. My neck did just the same!

I was amazed that even though my RA was not gone my regular BodyTalk sessions were keeping it under control. Now I know how to clear the last of the pieces of the jigsaw and hope to clear as many of the markers as possible over the coming months.

It really is a great example of how having regular BodyTalk sessions really does help to keep the big issues under wraps while we work on the underlying factors.

“I am excited to work with this knowledge with all of my clients! I have already been using all the new epigenetic toolkit with my clients this month with some wonderful feedback. Exciting times!”


The formulas I need to run to clear epigenetic markers are a little full on! (I have been sleeping a lot since the class as I have about 8+ markers being removed currently!) There is a limit to how much the body can process at once!! Plus, you have to have had BodyTalk for a while for your brain to be able to process these advanced formulas! We need to train the brain to process them… so sorry new clients you may have to have a few more visits before we get to work on this!

This experience really has been a blessing to see how my regular BodyTalk sessions have supported me to keep my RA under control, as such. So whether you have a session every month just to keep the body clearing out the layers of the “story”, or just every season if that is all you can manage, you are supporting your system to be in the best possible health you can be given your current state of balance.

I am looking forward to “radical well-being” for all my clients ?

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To find out more about Epigenetics the BBC did a wonderful Horizon programme which you can see here


** Update Oct 2017: So we worked on another 8 epigenetic markers last September. And the founder of BodyTalk (John Veltheim) also worked on my later that month… so I am happy to say my body is getting back to normal mode! I had been very contracted all over my body and that has been loosening over the last year as well. I am even thinking about running again… just thinking ?

I was pain free again within a couple of weeks.