Allow yourself to heal

“Allow yourself to heal.

Allow the World and nature to heal your soul. Time in nature leads to self love. Self love leads to healing. Don’t wait another lifetime; let it happen now. Let go. Surrender.

As you allow the World to heal you, you heal it too. It is a global/universal healing. When we all take part we can heal and let go of more; releasing old wounds/hurt/rejection and embrace love, vitality and fun. To let the World in, into your heart, and touch your soul is a gift. Not just to you but to humanity and the soul of the World.

You don’t have to do this on your own. You are loved. You are wanted. The World needs you to do your piece. Find your peace.

You don’t have to heal yourself, it is a joint effort! Stop fighting it. Let the World into your heart. Let your soul sing. Heal. Be at peace with love.”

The Universe, via Eloise Ansell

Regent’s Park Rose Garden – 3rd August 2015