Trust the little things

So in the journey of trusting our intuition we need to notice the small things it tells us as well as the big!

A big part of learning to trust our intuition is to start to notice and learn how our intuition wants to communicate with us. We need to understand and learn the style it has in how it communicates – we are all wired differently and so is your intuition! It is a learning process to understand how it shows you things and we have to learn to interpret it.

So in this journey of discovery we need to understand it’s language.

In the beginning it can be like trying to understand a small child! My sweet little nephew is just 2 and is learning to speak and interpret language. When I try and tell him something is “behind him” he has no idea what I am meaning yet, it is a trial and error for him to learn and understand what I am saying. In the same way I have to learn what he is meaning… after a while I get “pig” means “I want to watch Peppa Pig on the TV please” and so on! (Love him!)

In the same way learning to understand your intuition and what it is saying is a learning game. And we have to keep an eye out for the small things as well as the big! By working with the small things and acknowledging them it helps pave the way to understanding your intuition when it has something big to say.

It is easy sometimes to say “oh it is just a coincidence” and ignore things. But if you start “seeing” and listening to what is coming up it makes it more likely for more information to flow. The intuition isn’t going to bother telling you anything if you dismiss it or ignore it completely! So start opening up to the small things, take note.

In the last two weeks for instance I had a number of small things happen:

– I dreamt I was having dinner with my Sister and some friends and a client was there. I was wondering why he was there during the dream! In the morning I found out it was his Birthday! So I emailed him to say I celebrated with him early ?

– I was lying in bed and felt aware of my Grandmother sitting on my bed. Now she is still alive and not going anywhere soon, so I was intrigued why she was in my awareness. I spoke to my parents a couple of days later and there was a big issue going on they were sorting out for my Gran.

They are just two examples of little things where I didn’t get much information but my intuition was trying to communicate with me. But I was open, listened and finally got the understanding as to what this meant. You won’t always find out right away of course, but logging these little things and feeling gratitude to your intuition for telling you these little things helps. It is all about encouraging it to tell you more!

So keep your eyes, ears and felt sense open to what pops in your head/dreams or imagination. It may all just be trying to remind you it is someone Birthday! LOL But by listening and interpreting the small things the bigger information will start to flow too!

Have fun!


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