I’m not here to fix you

“I couldn’t work on your heart chakra” she said, “It just wouldn’t open to let me”. I had been drawn to go for a Reiki session and was getting feedback after the session on what had happened.

She was trying to “fix” my heart chakra and because she felt a wall there she had tried 3 times during the session and couldn’t get in.

Meanwhile in my head I know my heart chakra is not completely closed, it was just not a priority for today! My other chakras needed her attention and needed her to work on them to support and unblock themselves. My heart was fine it just put a wall up to help guide her to where she was needed. My body shifted to highlight where it wanted her to work, to guide her to my priorities.

Now my Reiki practitioner was doing her best with her knowledge and honouring her system of what she is supposed to be doing. It was a great session, I got a lot from it. In fact just what I needed!

In the BodyTalk system we do not go with the intent to “fix” an issue, we just allow the body to guide us to what needs attention, what the priority is to heal. It isn’t what we always would choose to work on consciously, we are working at a deeper level and the body can guide us to what the priority is, the order and sequence that things need to be done.

Even in many “holistic” therapies they are still coming with the “fix it” mentality. From there we are saying we know better than the body-mind, we know what must be done. Our ego knows best.

But the body knows how to heal, it knows what the most effective route to health is. When we cut our finger we do not need to guide the body to heal it, it knows what to do. But when the communication of the body breaks down, the messages cannot get through. When there is stress in the body it makes the flow of communication, chi, energies, blood, lymph… slower or things get mixed up because there is no synchronicity. It is like an orchestra all out of time – it sounds awful and won’t be making beautiful music! This is how the body gets when communication and contraction become the norm.

What we want to do is, guided by the body, let it show us what communication lines need re-establishing, where we need to highlight a lack of flow (circulation) to the brain so it can send all the good stuff and remove all the toxins from that area. Has a chakra forgotten how to spin? Where in the body needs water? Has an organ forgotten part of its job?

We can’t always see what is happening “under the bonnet”, what needs to be observed. If someone came to me asking me to fix their bad knee, and the session works on their heart. It isn’t a “bad” session. Maybe they were about to have a heart attack and the body had given them a bad knee to stop them running around!? We can’t see the bigger picture, but your body-mind can, it knows and sees everything. It is far wiser than me or you!

There are a million things that can get off balance in the body but the innate wisdom of the body knows which of the million issues, be it postural, inherited traits, epigenetic, bio-chemical, hydration issues… what the key thing is that will take the most pressure, overwhelm and stress off the body so it can heal itself.

In this way we can take the stress out of your system so it can heal on it’s own. It makes it easier for it to function and get on with the task of healing.

Yes we can eat well, do yoga, have fun, meditate, rest, take in good water… but if the communication in the body breaks down things can still go wrong! We need to honour that the body-mind will guide you to the thing that will heal you in the most effective way. And when your ready to heal on a deep level you may get drawn to BodyTalk where we really listen to what your body is screaming to say. Your body is always talking to you through pain, what you draw into your life, how you feel… It is trying to show you what needs to be seen, observed and work with. We have just forgotten how to listen.

So when I facilitate your session I am just observing where the priorities are, reminding your body-mind of the things it needs to remember, letting you guide yourself to a new possibility of health.

What comes up in a session isn’t going to always make sense consciously because we are working on a deeper level of the body-mind. One we don’t communicate well with due to our filters (belief systems being the biggest block) which stop us clearly hearing the messages. For example, people want to hear their heart and the deeper wisdom, but many are blocking that wisdom with all the self-talk which is clouding the messages. We block these deeper aspects of ourselves and part of our healing maybe to remove the filtering so we can hear clearly the inner guide. MindScape is a great tool for this also.

So our aim in BodyTalk is not to “fix” you, not to make you a “better” person. We allow your body to heal itself, to let go of the limiting beliefs which have you imprisoned, remove the stress from the body-mind… allow you to leave a session feeling like you have a shift in perspective on what is possible for your own healing on a deeper level. Sometimes the shifts from a session are big, sometimes they are small. To your body-mind they are just the perfect thing which was needed in that moment to open up to a new possibility, to de-stress and allow deep healing to occur.

What better way to treat the body, then by; respecting its complexity, recognising the amazing extent of its intelligence and understanding of its own needs. And working with that?

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